Helping a student with Asthma access a general education is a cooperative effort between the school, parents, and the student. The following lists provide suggestions to help a student with Asthma access a general education.
School accommodations and responsibilities:
  • Establish a good working relationship with the parents/guardians
  • Provide some type of student asthma identification (i.e. card, wristband)
  • Provide asthma training to capable and willing school personnel
  • Provide back-up training to additional school personnel to assist the student when primary person is not available or to assist the student when participating in an alternative school activity
  • Make sure that asthma related equipment and supplies, as agreed upon by physician, parent, student, and school, are readily available to the student
  • Permit student access to persons trained in asthma procedures when needed (usually the school nurse)
  • As agreed upon by physician, parents, student, and school,  allow the student the use of self-management measures to control asthma in the school environment
  • Provide for safe storage of medication with immediate access for students who do not self-carry and for access to back-up medication for those who carry
Parent involvement:
  • Ensure all asthma related materials are readily available to trained school personnel and doctor's orders are on file with the school nurse. 
  • If the materials are not available, the school contacts parents/guardian or a designated person(s). These materials must be brought to school immediately. The school cannot do approved asthma procedures without proper materials, supplies and physician's orders.
  • Provide emergency phone numbers of parent/guardian and other responsible individuals so the school can contact these individuals regarding asthma-related questions and/or during emergencies. If an emergency arises and these emergency contacts cannot be reached, the school will contact trained medical personnel and have the student transported to a medical facility to receive medical treatment at the expense of the parent/guardian
  • Ensure that if the student is self-administrating, as agreed upon by their physician, the student has the needed medication with them
  • If there is a change in the physician’s orders, make sure to inform the school nurse immediately
Student self-management strategies and responsibilities:
  • Cooperate in all asthma related tasks at school
  • Follow all physician's orders
  • Willingly to comply with school’s rules about use of medicine at school


***These are not complete lists of suggestions or accommodations, but  are  ideas used by parents, teachers, and students to help a student access a general education.